Working Group Report: Open Linguistic Data and Localisation & jogos

This is about proposal writing, jogos de carros linking OLD to ANLoc

Question If we had LD – how would that help us?

Link to ANLoc vision? jogos de meninas
• Remove limitations for disabled people
o Speech might be language specific; colours, font size is not
• jogos de motos

Link to ANLoc (what we can do, jogos de Bicicletas not necessarily linked to the vision)
• Spellchecker project had need for OLD
o Results limited by availability of LD
• There are other activities doing this, investing heavily jogos de Guerra (because they have good reasons to do so), cross-reference
o TAUS Data Association
o Linguistic Data Association (LDC)
• It’s necessary for
o Fonts
o Spellcheckers
o Thesauri

Link to Localisation
• Needed for
o Translation Memory ™
o MT
o Terminology

Which problems to solve
o Predictive text input (mobile phones)
o Translate English laws jogos de Barcos
into local languages
o Person calls, uses voice prompts to respond (though this does not scale)
o See “Freedom games ..... jogos da monica

• What is a reasonable amount of data to collect per language
• Needs to be open (to stimulate and enable activity)
• Needs investment
• Needs prioritization (which languages, domains; amount; tagging)
• Don’t forget speech; jogos de Labirintos
why not use radio programmes?

• People in Africa do not call up voicemail

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